Message – 『ARIGATO』を伝えたい –

To pass on “ARIGATO”

“If someone offers you a helping hand in something, you should say ‘Thank You'”.
I believe most of people living in Japan were taught to do this since a very young age.

Japan is a tiny island-country.
It used to be very poor and barren.

In the past, it has experienced several disasters and catastrophic events.
Since then, we have received help from people across the world.

This is how we came to have our present Japan.

During the devastating Earthquake in Northern Japan, 11th March 2011( and the period of time afterwards),
We received the biggest support and millions of heartwarming messages from the many countries in the world.

“ARIGATO” from Japan (Many thanks from Japan for support to Japan) is designed with the wish to let Japan and people residing in Japan forever remember the memory of being supported by people in the world, and pass this memory onto the next generations.

The mass communication sites and the link sites have time limits for the articles published, and those articles would be no longer viewable past the date of expiry.

Furthermore, our memory may soon be lost, as if weathered and carried away by the wind.

For the support received, I sincerely pray that, we, the Japanese citizens, would on no occasion forget the feeling of appreciation, “ARIGATO”.

We will keep in mind that one day, the time to return the kindness and favor will arrive.

May the feeling of “ARIGATO” never fade during our generation, for our children, and the generations afterwards.
We, the Japanese people, shall in no circumstance forget the memory of the help and support received.

With the aid of internet, I would like to pass on this wish.